TV Appearances

Real Time with Bill Maher: Climate Change and Evolution
Watch us debate two topics at once.

Real Time with Bill Maher Overtime: Is America Exceptional?
I think so.

CNN Parker/Spitzer: “It was like I farted in church.”
I debate Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker on whether health care is a “right”.

CNN Parker/Spitzer: Pre-Midterm Analysis
Will Cain, John Avlon, Nicole Wallace, and Ari Melber join Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker to discuss the midterm elections. What senate race will serve as the bellweather race? And why does Will think gridlock is good for America?

CNN Parker/Spitzer: Is Wall Street Evil?
I don’t know, but I do think it’s largely a fee-skimming business.

CNN Anderson Cooper 360: Angle vs Reid is Getting Rough
Despite all the challenges to “man-up” the Nevada race should be an easy choice for voters because you couldn’t have two more different candidates.

CNN Parker/Spitzer: Why Obama’s Message Has Been Lost
Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker, and Ari Melber to debate why Obama’s once powerful message is no longer resonating with voters. We also talk about whether the Tea Party has put forward any serious ideas about entitlement reform.

CNN Parker/Spitzer: “View of a Frenchman Who Turns His TV on for 5 Minutes”
Although I had never heard of Bernard Henri Levy – he is apparently (according to Ari Melber) – the most famous philosopher alive. Still, his description of the Tea Party had no correlation to reality.

Fox Strategy Room: Shut Down the Government
I wonder if “shutting down the government” is not a viable governing philosophy.

Hannity: Rangel, Kasich, and the New York Jets
A quick hit of topics on Hannity.

Fox Strategy Room: Does Criticizing Islam Make You a Bigot?
Islam is not a race. Islam is not an ethnicity. Islam is a set of ideas. And criticizing a set of ideas does not make you a bigot.

Hannity: Christine O’Donnell’s Win
Is it better to win with compromise (big compromise here with Mike Castle) or lose with principles? Well…we know where power without principles got us.

Fox Strategy Room: My Kind of Compromise
Generally I have a hard time accepting the catch-word “compromise” as a virtue. What’s good about giving in on some of your principles? But…I can live with the kind of compromise that Obama and Joe Slakas offer me here.

Fox Strategy Room: An “I’m from the South!” Contest
The entire panel – including me – tries to use Southern ideals to explain who is in charge of fixing the economy.

Fox and Friends: Bill Clinton Says GOP Impervious to Evidence
On Fox and Friends I was asked to respond to former President Bill Clinton’s remarks that we need to elect people “who think” and that the GOP is “impervious to evidence.” I do my best to rebut these “substantive critiques.”

Fox Strategy Room: Tax Credits versus Tax Cuts
I explain the difference between these concepts.

Fox and Friends: Will Obama Extend the Bush Tax Cuts?
I tell Alisyn Camerota – whether or not Obama extends the tax cuts is less important – he just should’ve told us his plans a long time ago.

Fox and Friends: Voter More Confident in GOP than Dems
I say Republicans shouldn’t be too proud. It’s not saying much these days to say you’re more popular than Democrats. And if Republicans want real insight as to what voters think of them, take a look at Alaska, Kentucky, Utah, Florida, Nevada and more.

Hannity: Howard Dean Says the HC Mandate is Unpopular and Unconstitutional
I try to make the point to Sean that this suggests Obamacare was designed to fail. It was designed to get us to single payer.

Fox Strategy Room: Oil Spill Should be Moment of Self Reflection for Liberals
I never believed that government could fix all of our problems. But if I were liberal – this might force me to question my entire world view. (Joe didn’t like me saying that.)

Alan Colmes: Is the Tea Party Racist and Violent?
It’s amazing how often this argument comes up: the Tea Party is racist, it opposes Barack Obama because he’s black, it’s on the verge of violent extremism, blah, blah.

Alan Colmes: Is America Exceptional?

Alan Colmes: Don’t Accuse Me of Intellectual Dishonesty @#$$%!

A caller on Alan Colmes radio show accuses me of being intellectually dishonest because I criticize Obama for managing the federal budget the way MC Hammer managed his personal finances.

Fox Strategy Room: More Endearing Defense of BP
It’s just getting too easy to pile on BP. I’m really starting to wonder about the productivity and purpose of it all.

Fox and Friends: Lay Off BP

I defended NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s comments that while BP is still trying to cap the well and clean up the Gulf, maybe we should cool all the criticism, the criminal investigations, the congressional inquiries, the lawsuits.

Fox Strategy Room: Florida Can Choose to Be Greece, Or Cut Entitlements
The Florida senatorial election should be a good primer for the direction of the country. Rubio vs. Crist vs. Meeks will indicate whether we want to go down the path of Greece and California or responsibility.

Fox and Friends: ICE Won’t Enforce Arizona Law
The chief cop at ICE apparently doesn’t like the Arizona illegal immigration law. And despite the fact that I don’t think the law is good either, I don’t think you get to pick and choose which laws you enforce.

Fox Strategy Room: What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?
I ask: Why are we trying to use our soldiers to turn Kandahar into the Athens of Socrates? Why are we attempting to nation-build one of the most backward, uncivilized countries on Earth?

Fox Strategy Room: A Female Version of the Constitution?
Joe Slakas and I recently debated the importance of a Supreme Court Justice being a woman. I ask if there is a “male and female version of the constitution.” It stands to reason, if there is also a “wise Latina” version of the constitution.

Fox and Friends: Debating Rand Paul
I’m concerned that the reaction from the Left has been to yell “bigot” and that the reaction from the Right has been to teach Paul to be less honest – to be more of a politician.

Fox and Friends: Congress and Approval Ratings
Who cares about approval rating polls? If people are unhappy with the direction of Congress, they shouldn’t have voted so many Democrats into power, nothing Congress has done has been a surprise.

Fox Strategy Room: Rand Paul is Asking What the Appropriate Role of the Fed Gov’t Is
I think Rand Paul is asking: “what is the appropriate role of the federal government?” And when the government has taken over the auto, banking, and health care industries – that MIGHT be the right question to be asking.

Fox Strategy Room: Politicians and Lying
Why can’t Richard Blumenthal get the details of his own life straight? And why are we trying to teach Rand Paul to be a politician?

Fox Strategy Room: Is Incumbency the Disease? No
Is this about anti-incumbency? No. It’s about an ideological shift.

Fox Strategy Room: What Today’s Elections Mean
In anticipation of today’s primary elections in Kentucky and Pennsylvania I had some things to say about what these elections mean.

Fox and Friends: Should Everyone Tone Down the Rhetoric?

I question whether the national debate is all that heated, and whether Obama really means “everyone.”

Alan Colmes: A Compilation of My Debate Points
In heavy enemy territory.

Fox Strategy Room: Health Care Debate Points Compilation
Debating health care reform.

Fox and Friends: Ideology versus Polls
Will Cain, Scott Rasmussen and Tamara Holder debate whether Obama is making ideological decisions at the expense of public opinion. I say he is an ideologue…and that’s good…what’s bad is he’s wrong.

Fox and Friends: Pelosi and Massa
Will Cain, Scott Rasmussen and Tamara Holder discuss whether Nancy Pelosi should have investigated Eric Massa long ago.

Fox and Friends: Should Democrats Push Health Care Reform Through?

I compare big government fixes – like health care reform – to heroin. And say that it’s absurd to assume a new entitlement will bring down the deficit.