Defund Obmacare
National Review’s Kevin Williamson disagrees with Charles Krauthammer (audible gasp!) and says Republicans should pursue defunding Obamacare.

Michelle Bachmann’s Rebuttal
Why is Michelle Bachmann speaking for the Tea Party? And why did she give a rebuttal to the State of the Union? And why did she stare at the nation’s collective left ear? None if it sat well with me.

Is the Tea Party Libertarian?
Reason’s Nick Gillespie says it’s pretty damn close.

Should Defense Be Exempt from Cuts?
I speak with Reason’s Nick Gillespie on whether the Department of Defense should be targeted for budget cutting.

The Future of the US-Turkey Alliance
I speak with Turkey and Middle Eastern Analyst Tulin Daloglu about whether Turkey and the US will remain allies and whether Turkey is becoming an Islamist state.

Sell Me on the Pledge
I’m not buying the GOP’s Pledge to America. I think it’s weak and uninspiring. So I ask Dan Foster to sell it to me.

A Pre-Post Mortem on Democrat’s November Hopes
Jonah Goldberg and I try to discern the one reason voters have turned on Obama. And we try to get inside the mysterious mind of the “moderate.”

Can O’Donnell Win?
After Christine O’Donnell shockingly beat Mike Castle in the Republican senatorial primary in Delaware, conservatives everywhere wonder if she can actually win a general election. NRO’s Bob Costa and I talk about it.

Meet the Modern Whig Party
I went back in time – and accidentally turned myself sepia-toned – and interviewed the Chairman of the Modern Whig Party…Andrew Evans.

NRSC vs. Conservatives
Why does the Rep. establishment keep picking the less conservative loser in so many primaries. Jim Geraghty says because the NRSC is picking Republicans, not conservatives. That makes me throw up in my mouth a little…

Would You Rather: 60 Lindsey Grahams or 40 Jim DeMints

I’m firmly in the 40 DeMint camp. Jim Geraghty is not so sure.

Should the Left be Condemned for their Islamist Alliance?
Part Two of my debate with Andy McCarthy.

Is There an Islamist-Left Alliance?

Andy McCarthy says the Left – the hard Left, the Obama Left (his words) – and Islamists have an alliance to take down a common enemy: the freedom culture. We debate.

Is Islam the Problem?
Andy McCarthy and I discuss whether Islam itself if the problem that confronts the West.

Are Progressives Irrelevant?
After Blanche Lincoln won in Arkansas, Bob Costa and I wonder if Dems shouldn’t worry about attacks from their left.

The Tea Party and Women of the West
Is there a limit to the Tea Party’s influence? Jim Geraghty thinks so…and he sees it in big states…like California.

Legalizing Away Drug Violence
Jacob Sullum of Reason Magazine says…you could do away with the thousands of murders every year in Juarez, Laredo and Tijuana – do away with the hundreds of murders every year in New York City, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles – reduce the prison population by half – save billions of dollars of US taxpayer dollars – just by allowing CVS to sell heroin.

No Outrage in South Korea?

BR Myers says that South Koreans reacted with a collective shrug to the sinking of one of their ships by North Korea, because Koreans put racial solidarity above national solidarity.

Only “Liars and Scoundrels” Send Troops to the Border

Mark Krikorian says Obama’s effort to beef up the border is only a political stunt.

Can Obamacare Be Repealed?
Ramesh Ponnuru lays out for me exactly what would have to happen for Obamacare to be repealed.

The Border Fence
Mark Krikorian says, without securing our borders, attempting to deport illegal immigrants will be like bailing water out of the Titanic with a bucket.

Is Rand Paul Too Thoughtful?
Today Dan Foster and I discussed Rand Paul’s questions about using the power of the federal government to end private discrimination through the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The criticism from the Right has been that Paul was too honest and too uncompromising in addressing the issue. The criticism from the Left has been that he is a racist.

Election Analysis: A Bad Night for Republicans
National Review’s Jim Geraghty tells me that Republican Tim Burns’ failed bid to fill Jack Murtha’s empty Congressional seat could spell trouble for Republicans this Fall.

Election Analysis: Arkansas and the Progressive Shift

I ask both Jim Geraghty and Bob Costa if the Democrats are lurching to the left as seen in Arkansas and PA.

Rand Paul’s Huge Win
Jim Geraghty and I talk about Rand Paul’s massive win over Trey Grayson in the Kentucky Republican Senatorial primary.

Election Analysis: Sestak Beats Specter
Bob Costa tells me that it’s the end of an era in Pennsylvania as Arlen Specter is out.

Election Analysis: PA 12 Was Always a Hail Mary
Bob Costa thinks that it was always a Hail Mary pass for the GOP to win the congressional race in PA 12. How do you sell fiscal discipline to a district that is addicted to pork?

Is Barack Obama a Socialist? A Debate with the Left.
The New Republic’s Jon Chait and I debate Jonah Goldberg’s question: “what kind of socialist is Barack Obama?”

Can the GOP Take Back the House?

NR’s Jim Geraghty joined me from the golf course at Hilton Head, South Carolina to discuss which House of Representative races are prime for GOP upsets of Democratic incumbents.

Rand Paul and Trey Grayson Debate
Bob Costa and I break down the Kentucky senatorial debate. Costa says that the Paul-Grayson race may be a primer for the nationwide direction of the GOP.

Elena Kagan Nominated to SCOTUS
National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru and I talk about Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Will the Arizona Law Lead to Racial Profiling?
Mark Krikorian says no. I say yes. We debate whether the Arizona illegal immigration law will lead to racial profiling, whether it is okay if it does, and whether the law will be effective in stemming illegal immigration.

Is Racial Profiling Ever Appropriate? A Debate with the Left.
The Nation’s Dave Zirin says that the Arizona illegal immigration law will lead to racial profiling. And, he says, racial profiling is never appropriate. I debate him on that point.

Racial Profiling…No Big Deal (Audio Podcast)
NR’s Kevin Williamson doubts that the Arizona Illegal Immigration law (SB 1070) will lead to any increase in harassment of legal Latino US citizens. But he says even if it does…and even if it leads to some racial profiling…big deal. Kevin thinks it the price we should pay to enforce the law.

A Battle for the GOP: DeMint vs. Cornyn
Republican Senator Jim DeMint is going against the GOP establishment and endorsing his own candidates in senatorial races across the country. Bob Costa tells me that this is about more than DeMint: It’s about the direction of the Republican party.

Why are Young People Liberal?
I asked John Derbyshire why young people stay true to a liberal ideology that financially enslaves them. His answer: the young are primitive and egalatarian, like early societies. That, and … they’re rebellious.

Was There “Wishful Dread” With the Times Square Terrorist?
NR’s Jonah Goldberg admits that he was hoping the Times Square terrorist wasn’t some white-militia-nutjob. But he thinks the Left was hoping it was.

Will Obamacare be Repealed?

NR’s Kevin Williamson has his doubts.

South Park Censored

Denver Post columnist, David Harsanyi, says Comedy Central was cowardly to censor South Park’s depictions of Muhammad. But he’s not sure he will participate in “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day.”

Birthright Citizenship for the Children of Illegal Immigrants?

John Derbyshire and I look at the incentives behind illegal immigration.

Is the Tanning Bed Tax Discriminatory?
National Review’s Kevin Williamson and I discuss whether Obamacare’s tax on tanning salons is discriminatory toward…white people?… women?

What Kind of Socialist is Obama?

Jonah Goldberg sat down with me (and my Judge Smails coat) for an interview recently. He told me that Barack Obama is . . . yes . . . a socialist. But Jonah says socialism isn’t just a dirty word; it isn’t necessarily Marxism; it isn’t simply property seizers, Nazis, and Pol Pot.

Charlie Crist Runs as an Independent
This morning I asked Bob Costa a few questions about Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s senate run.

Big Banks Aren’t Our Problem
Continuing the debate of whether we should break up the big banks to avoid “too big to fail” bailouts, Andrew Redleaf and Rich Vigilante respond to my interview with Arnold Kling.

Break Up the Banks!
Cato Institute’s Arnold Kling tells me that in order to solve the “too big to fail” problem we should consider breaking up the big banks.

How Do You Limit Bank Size?
Cato’s Arnold Kling and I discuss ideas for limiting bank size including: a hard cap on assets, escalating taxes on higher assets, and escalated leverage ratio requirements.

What Are the Risks of Limiting Bank Size?
Cato’s Arnold Kling and I explore some of the risks in limiting the size of banks.

Does Goldman Sachs Evidence the Need for Regulation?
Andy McCarthy and I continue our conversation about Goldman Sachs and the John Paulson security sale.

Is Goldman Sachs Guilty of Fraud?
Today Andy McCarthy and I debated whether Goldman Sachs’ omission of the fact, that John Paulson helped build a security designed to fail, was fraud.

Sanctions? Strikes? How to Deal with Iran?
AEI’s Michael Rubin says military strikes against Iran would be a setback in reaching our goals. And our goal, he says, should be bigger than stopping nuclear growth – it should be to change the regime.

J&J a Safer Bet than USA?
The yields on J&J, Proctor and Gamble, and Berkshire Hathaway bonds are less than the yield on US sovereign debt.

Get a Government Job!
John Derbyshire of National Review tells me that if you want a job where you’re safe from getting fired, make more money than the average person, and get wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy better benefits…work for the Feds.

What’s Wrong With Iran Having Nukes?
Why is a nuclear-armed Iran such a threat to the US.? American Enterprise Institute’s Iran expert, Michael Rubin, says there are two main reasons.

Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession
Kevin channeling WFB in a debate with Jesse Jackson on drug legalization: “Not everything that is legal is socially respectable. Contracting syphilis is perfectly legal, but that doesn’t make it respectable. Likewise voting for the Reverend Jackson is perfectly legal, that doesn’t make it wise.”

Amazon Erases Orwell Books. Spooky.
You know there was one guy in the meeting when this came up thinking: “now would be a good time to raise my hand – screw it, it’s almost lunch”

Texas is Better than California
Why is everyone GTT? (Gone To Texas)

Yale is Chicken
A book entitled “Cartoons that Shook the World”, from Yale University Press, will not include the infamous 12 Danish newspaper cartoons that depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

K-Lo Blitzes Notre Dame
Kathryn Jean Lopez thinks Notre Dame is at risk of being just another college “with a bad football team” after inviting and honoring President Obama, and his pro-choice positions, to speak at the Catholic flagship university.

“At the Mercy of a Not Terribly Bright Man”
The National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru describes what conservatives should be looking for in a new Supreme Court Justice Nominee.