Obama is not Phil Ivey. GOP Took a Small Pot. And Other Poker Lessons from the Debt Ceiling Debate (from
Doesn’t the headline say it all?

The Gang of Six…In 15 Minutes…In Ali Velshi’s Greenroom (from
Former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and I try to “negotiate” a federal budget deal…but just like Tom Coburn…I faced resistance to any real entitlement reform.

Post GOP Debate Running Diary (from
My retro-diary of Monday night’s CNN GOP primary debate. (I know it’s a cheap rip-off of a Bill Simmons concept. But…but…you’re not the boss of me.)

The Right Should Denounce Trump and Palin (from
We can do better. Much better.

Obama is Telling America a Fairytale (from
An honest counterpoint to Ryan would have been to tell Americans — all Americans — that we’re going to have to pay a lot more in taxes to keep our entitlements.

2012 Mel-Kiper-Style GOP Presidential Draft Rankings (from
Yes, there are the normal names (Christie, Daniels, etc.) But how about Andy Beal? George Will?

Analyzing the State of the Union for CNN’s Parker/Spitzer Blog
How did Obama do? What was my favorite moment? (Hint: It has to do with Biden, doesn’t it always?) Where did it fall short?

Three Questions from CNN’s Parker/Spitzer Blog
The GOP was elected to stop Obama, Romney needs an eraser to do away with his past if he wants to president, and…does it matter who the RNC Chairman is?

Defense Wins Championships and Gridlock Saves the Republic
Conservatism, at its heart, is defense. And I have a vision of a Republican minority coming together like the Dallas Cowboys’ Doomsday Defense.

Principles Versus Programs
To submit to the premise that – if we just set aside our partisan vitriol, if we just get beyond our staunch ideologies, if we just put our heads together – we can together find a solution … is a set up. Before the debate is even started, it is lost. Game over. Progressives win.

I <3 Ideologues (from
A list of politicians and where they fall on the William Wallace barometer of ideological purity.

Running Twitter Diary from the Rand Paul-Trey Grayson Debate
This debate had it all! An ideologue, a politican, a birther, a cane, an 86-year-old-man, a hanging story, a call to theocracy, and a moderator who basically says “shut the hell up.”


Paul Krugman is Right. A Downgrade Doesn’t Matter (from
Looking to endear myself to The Blaze audience…I say Krugman is right…US debt is the world’s risk-free investment, no matter what S&P says.

The Number that is Killing the Economy (from
This is the only number that matters: 350.

Quit Victimizing the Middle Class (from
Despite wage stagnation, the middle class is doing just fine – that may be its problem.

Break Up (With) the Banks…Or Take a 9-Iron to ‘Em
And other lessons the US government should have taken from Elin Nordgren.

The Real Housewives of Greece
Greece’s fiscal plan has been very similar to a certain housewife in Orange County.


Weiner Is A Sexual Deviant…But You Probably Are Too (from
It’s the fact that he’s a compulsive liar that is really bothersome.

Lessons from Our Brave Unthinking Media
Why was it so necessary to condemn Pastor Terry Jones?

The GroundZero Mosque Debate in 6 Seconds
With a little help from the Dude and Walter in the Big Lebowksi.

Does the Left Hate Gay People…And America?
What the planned Ground Zero gay bar, “Outfidels”, reveals.

Why are Young People Liberal?
A reader responds to my interview with John Derbyshire.


Uh Oh, Your Humanitarian War May Be Racist (from
How did Libya win the Humanitarian Sweepstakes of 2011? How is it more important than Sudan, Congo, etc.?

What National Review, Gerecht, Douthat and Phillip Seymour Hoffman Taught Me About Egypt
Analyzing the state of democracy in the Middle East