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Lessons from the debt ceiling debate: Obama is not Phil Ivey, GOP took a small pot, and other tortured poker metaphors

From my column on Last week I began to write a column asking: who is Phil Ivey? It was a 1,500 word, Bill-Simmons-wannabe, tortured and ultimately failed metaphor comparing the debt ceiling debate to a famous hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. In the hand, Phil Ivey (the best poker player in the world) and […]

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Paul Krugman is Right. A Downgrade Doesn’t Matter

From my column on Trust me, I understand. This is no way to introduce yourself to The Blaze audience, but … I have to do it…because it’s true. Paul Krugman is right. That is not a sentence I make a habit of repeating. But when Krugman says it doesn’t matter whether the ratings agencies […]

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The Number That is Killing the Economy

From my column. I’m posting the entire thing here because the chart was lost in the archiving. New York (CNN) — This is the only number that matters: 350. When you’re talking about the economy, start the conversation and end the conversation with the number 350. That number reflects the total debt Americans and […]

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