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“It was like I farted in church”

That seems to be the biggest takeaway from my recent debate with Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker. Actually we had a pretty good conversation on whether health care is a “right.” Check it out: CNN Parker Spitzer – Cain: “It was like I farted in church…”

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TV This Week

11/16 (Tues.) – Fox Follow the Money 8pm EST 11/17 (Wed.) – CNN Parker Spitzer 8pm EST 11/18 (Thurs.) – MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Show 4pm EST 11/19 (Fri.) – Fox Red Eye 3am EST


TV This Week

I’m on: Tues: Fox Business – Follow the Money with Eric Bolling (8pm-9pm EST) Thurs: MSNBC – Jansing and Co (10am-11am EST) (Good luck watching those last two since they already happened. Sorry.) Thurs: Fox Business – Follow the Money with Eric Bolling (8pm EST) Fri: CNN – Parker Spitzer (8pm EST)


Pre-Midterm Analysis on Parker Spitzer

Will Cain, John Avlon, Nicole Wallace, and Ari Melber join Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker to discuss the midterm elections. What senate race will serve as the bellweather race? And why does Will think gridlock is good for America?

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Parker Spitzer: Is Wall Street Evil?

I don’t know. But I do think it is largely a fee-skimming business. Check it out in the clip.

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