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Angle vs Reid is Getting Rough

On Anderson Cooper 360 Ari Melber and I talked with Sanjay Gupta about whether the Nevada senatorial race is getting rough. I said that despite all the challenges to “man-up” the Nevada race should be an easy choice for voters because you couldn’t have two more different candidates.

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Is the Tea Party Libertarian?

Ron Paul wins a CPAC straw poll for president. Tea Party backed senatorial candidates Rand Paul, Joe Miller, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson espouse libertarian ideals. And Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is on the best seller list again.

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Debating Obama’s Message on Parker Spitzer

Last week I joined Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker, and Ari Melber to debate why Obama’s once powerful message is no longer resonating with voters. We also talk about whether the Tea Party has put forward any serious ideas about entitlement reform.

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Should Defense Be Exempt from Cuts?

Reason’s Nick Gillespie says it’s absurd to think that the Department of Defense should be exempt from spending cuts or claim a dedicated percentage of GDP. He says there is no way the defense spending levels required in the 80s, when there was a true threat from the Soviet Union, can be justified because of […]

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The Future of the Turkey-US Alliance

Turkey begins debate today on whether it will allow a US-led NATO plan to build a missile-defense shield against rogue states. From the Wall Street Journal (10/22): For most NATO members, the shield is an insurance policy against a potential missile threat from Iran… For Turkey, however, … the plan risks forcing Ankara to choose […]

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“View of a Frenchman Who Turns His TV on for 5 Minutes”

Although I had never heard of Bernard Henri Levy – he is apparently (according to Ari Melber) – the most famous philosopher alive. Still, his description of the Tea Party had no correlation to reality. I try to quickly set him straight on Parker Spitzer. Update: The full clip. Includes questions on a.) what politician […]


I’m On CNN’s Parker/Spitzer Tonight

I’ll be on the debut of Parker/Spitzer tonight (10/4) on CNN. On a round-table with Ari Melber of the Nation, Henry Blodget and Katie Linendoll. Check it out: 8pm EST – CNN


Defense Wins Championships and Gridlock Saves the Republic

There is an adage in football that easily translates to politics. The football version: offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships. The political version: offense wins votes, but defense can save the Republic. I have a vision of a Republican minority coming together like the Dallas Cowboys’ Doomsday Defense (insert your favorite team’s defense if […]