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Principles Versus Programs

Far too often I hear about the virtues of bipartisanship. Far too often it is suggested that if conservatives and progressives can’t work out a solution together, they aren’t really trying. But to submit to the premise that – if we just set aside our partisan vitriol, if we just get beyond our staunch ideologies, […]


Sell Me on the Pledge

I am not inspired by the Pledge to America. I did not find it bold. I did not find it adequate. So I asked Dan Foster to sell me on the Pledge. Dan tells me the Pledge is humble, it’s intended as a “Vote Republican” sales brochure, and it lays out realistic goals. I ask: […]

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Shut the Government Down

Before the Pledge was published, I debated Al Angrisani – former Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Reagan – on what a Republican strategy should be if they win the House. I think it should be twofold: 1. Gridlock: promise to shut down this progressive legislative onslaught threatening to micromanage our lives. 2. Bold goals […]

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A Pre-Post-Mortem: Why are Voters Turning on Democrats?

Jonah Goldberg offers a pre-post-mortem on how it is, two short years after the voters gave them complete control of the elected government, the Democrats are poised to lose the House. I ask Jonah to give me the main reason voters have turned on Democrats. Possibilities: 1. Voters like progressive ideas in the abstract but […]

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Hannity: Rangel, Kasich, and the Jets’ Catcalls to a Reporter

A quick hit of topics on Hannity, from Charlie Rangel’s amazing reelection in New York (what’s wrong with New Yorkers? Just don’t give a damn if the guys is crook as long as he delivers?), the Ohio governor’s debate between Kasich and Strickland, and smoking Ines Sainz getting catcalled by a few Jets players.

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Does Criticizing Islam Make You a Bigot?

Islam is not a race. Islam is not an ethnicity. Islam is a set of ideas. And criticizing a set of ideas does not make you a bigot. Otherwise, I would guess I am a progressive bigot, a Kant bigot, a Bill Maher bigot, a people-who-think-Jackson-Pollack-is-art-and-not-just-wallpaper bigot, and a Sooner-fan bigot.

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Talking About Christine O’Donnell’s Win on Hannity

Is it better to win with compromise (big compromise here with Mike Castle) or lose with principles? Well…we know where power without principles got us.

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My Kind of Compromise

Generally I have a hard time accepting the catch-word “compromise” as a virtue. What’s good about giving in on some of your principles? But…I can live with the kind of compromise that Obama and Joe Slakas offer me here.

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Hannity Tonight

Tonight (9/15) I’m on Hannity’s Great American Panel at 9:00PM EST (or…9:45PM EST?). Check it out.


Can O’Donnell Win?

And does it matter? My interview with Bob Costa, from inside the O’Donnell camp.