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Oil Spill Should Provide Moment of Self-Reflection for Liberals

I wish everyone would tap-the-breaks on the criticism they have for Obama and the government on the Gulf oil spill. This was a terrible accident and I’m not sure what these critics would have the government do. I never believed that government could fix all of our problems, that government could regulate away failure, that […]

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Is the Tea Party Racist and Violent?

I was on Alan Colmes’ radio show a couple of weeks ago. It’s amazing how often this argument comes up: the Tea Party is racist, it opposes Barack Obama because he’s black, it’s on the verge of violent extremism, blah, blah.

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Should the Left be Condemned for their Islamist Alliance?

This is Part 2 of my debate with Andy McCarthy, author of The Grand Jihad, on the Islamist-Left alliance. In this interview I ask Andy — even if we grant that there is an alliance between Islamists and the Left — can we condemn the Left for this alliance? I ask: if there are two […]

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Is America Exceptional?


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Is there an Islamist-Left Alliance?

Andy McCarthy says the Left – the hard Left, the Obama Left (his words) – and Islamists have an alliance to take down a common enemy: the freedom culture. He says that both the Left and Islamists want to see an authoritarian state and gives specific examples of how these two groups have partnered. I […]

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Don’t Accuse Me of Intellectual Dishonesty @#$$%!

A caller on Alan Colmes radio show accuses me of being intellectually dishonest because I criticize Obama for managing the federal budget the way MC Hammer managed his personal finances. The caller thinks that because Bush was no bargain shopper, conservatives have no right to complain. The caller doesn’t understand what intellectual honesty or consistency […]

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More Endearing Defense of BP

It’s just getting too easy to pile on BP. I’m really starting to wonder about the productivity and purpose of it all. As I say in the video, I’m starting to think that the level of criticism for BP one indulges in is a direct reflection of their personality.

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Lay Off BP?

On Fox and Friends I defended NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s comments that while BP is still trying to cap the well and clean up the Gulf, maybe we should cool all the criticism, the criminal investigations, the congressional inquiries, the lawsuits. I’m amazed how many top-kill experts, crisis coordination experts, and oil spill clean up […]

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Is Islam the Problem?

Andy McCarthy and I discuss whether the challenge that confronts the West is Islam itself. 1:20 – Is Islam an inherently violent religion? 1:45 – How can you explain the hundreds of millions of peace-loving Muslims? 2:35 – Andy explains the difference between Muslims, Islamists, and jihadists. 4:15 – What is Sharia, and why is […]

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Are Progressives Irrelevant?

Blanche Lincoln survived an attack from her left from union-backed Lt. Gov Bill Halter to win the Democratic nomination for Senate in Arkansas. Earlier this week, National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru said Arkansas shows that Democrats shouldn’t worry about attacks from the left and that the progressive wing of the Left is irrelevant. Bob Costa and […]

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