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ICE Won’t Enforce AZ Law?

The chief cop at ICE apparently doesn’t like the Arizona illegal immigration law. And despite the fact that I don’t think the law is good either, I don’t think you get to pick and choose which laws you enforce.

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The Border Fence

Sometime ago Mark Krikorian and I debated the merits of the Arizona illegal immigration law. I said that ultimately I think the law is no bueno because I believe it will result in some level of racial profiling and harassment of legal US Latino citizens. That statement alone though, wouldn’t be reason enough to oppose […]

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What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?

This past Monday on’s Strategy Room, Harris Faulkner asked me why we don’t use our exemplary military to take over the oil spill clean-up from BP in the Gulf. That was an easy one – because the military is a fine-tuned machine intended for the sole purpose of destroying our enemies. But her question […]

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A Female Version of the Constitution?

Joe Slakas and I recently debated the importance of a Supreme Court Justice being a woman. I ask if there is a “male and female version of the constitution.” It stands to reason, if there is also a “wise Latina” version of the constitution. I also say that the only two words that matter on […]

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Debating Rand Paul on Fox and Friends

Andrea Tantaros,Ellen Ratner and I were on Fox and Friends this weekend debating Rand Paul’s statements about the Civil Rights Act. I’m concerned that the reaction from the Left has been to yell “bigot” and that the reaction from the Right has been to teach Paul to be less honest – to be more of […]

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Rand Paul: What is the Appropriate Role of the Gov’t?

I think Rand Paul is asking: “what is the appropriate role of the federal government?” And when the government has taken over the auto, banking, and health care industries – that MIGHT be the right question to be asking.

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Politicians and Lying

Why can’t Richard Blumenthal get the details of his own life straight? And why are we trying to teach Rand Paul to be a politician?

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Is Rand Paul Too Thoughtful?

This one gets me all worked up. Today Dan Foster and I discussed Rand Paul’s questions about using the power of the federal government to end private discrimination through the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The criticism from the Right has been that Paul was too honest and too uncompromising in addressing the issue. The criticism […]

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Election Analysis: A Bad Night for Republicans

National Review’s Jim Geraghty tells me that Republican Tim Burns’ failed bid to fill Jack Murtha’s empty Congressional seat could spell trouble for Republicans this Fall. Jim says Republicans may have been overconfident and he considers revising his prediction of a GOP House takeover this Fall.

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Election Analysis: Arkansas and the Progressive Shift

A two pack. Everyone seems to recognize that there is some ideological shift taking place in the Republican Party. This is evidenced by Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Tea Party, libertariansim, etc. But I ask both Jim Geraghty and Bob Costa if the Democrats are lurching to the left as seen in Arkansas and PA.

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