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Is the Tanning Bed Tax Discriminatory?

National Review’s Kevin Williamson and I discuss whether Obamacare’s tax on tanning salons is discriminatory toward…white people?… women?

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What Kind of Socialist is Obama?

Jonah Goldberg sat down with me (and my Judge Smails coat) for an interview recently. He told me that Barack Obama is . . . yes . . . a socialist. But Jonah says socialism isn’t just a dirty word; it isn’t necessarily Marxism; it isn’t simply property seizers, Nazis, and Pol Pot. Rather, there […]

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Charlie Crist Runs as an Independent?

This morning I asked Bob Costa a few questions about Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s senate run, including: 1:00 – Was Crist ever really a Republican in philosophy? 1:30 – Isn’t Crist just another Arlen Specter? 2:15 – Can Crist win as an Independent? 3:20 – Does Crist split the conservative vote and hand the election […]


Big Banks Aren’t Our Problem?

Continuing the debate of whether we should break up the big banks to avoid “too big to fail” bailouts, Andrew Redleaf and Rich Vigilante respond to my interview with Arnold Kling. Kling, Redleaf, and Vigilante all agree that the big banks are not free market players. They’re quasi-governmental figures that get subsidizes loans from the […]


Should “Everyone” Tone Down the Rhetoric?

This is from a couple of weeks ago – but on Fox and Friends I debated whether the political rhetoric in America is all that heated right now. And I think Obama’s suggestion that “everyone” should tone down the rhetoric, sounds a lot like shaky-romantic-relationship talk.

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Break Up the Banks!

Cato Institute’s Arnold Kling tells me that in order to solve the “too big to fail” problem we should consider breaking up the big banks. Highlights: 1:20 – Big banks aren’t the result of a free market in banking. In fact, their all quasi-governmental like Fannie and Freddie 4:40 – Aren’t there economies-of-scale in having […]

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How Do You Limit Bank Size?

Cato’s Arnold Kling and I discuss ideas for limiting bank size including: a hard cap on assets, escalating taxes on higher assets, and escalated leverage ratio requirements.


What are the Risks of Limiting Bank Size?

Cato’s Arnold Kling and I explore some of the risks in limiting the size of banks, such as: – Would it be harder to track the problems within 40 smaller banks than 10 large banks? – Wouldn’t the finance and banking industry flee the US?


Does Goldman Evidence the Need for Regulation?

Andy McCarthy and I continue our conversation about Goldman Sachs and the John Paulson security sale below. If Goldman’s behavior was — at the very least — unethical, is that evidence of the need for more regulation? Some highlights: 1:45: Does unethical behavior point to the need for more regulation? 5:30: The free market won’t […]


Is Goldman Sachs Guilty of Fraud?

Today Andy McCarthy and I debated whether Goldman Sachs’ omission of the fact, that John Paulson helped build a security designed to fail, was fraud. Andy thinks all the players in the investment were grown-ups and Paulson’s involvement wasn’t material. Andy also wonders why, if Paulson is not guilty of fraud, would Goldman be guilty […]