What National Review, Gerecht, Douthat and Phillip Seymour Hoffman Taught Me About Egypt

PICK THE CRAZIES OR THE BASTARDS The choice in Egypt – and more broadly the Middle East – has traditionally been presented as: the autocrats versus the theocrats. We could either back the bastards (Mubarak, the Shah of Iran) or suffer the crazies (Ahmadinejad, The Taliban). But it’s obvious now that this was a false […]

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Should Defense Be Exempt from Cuts?

Reason’s Nick Gillespie says it’s absurd to think that the Department of Defense should be exempt from spending cuts or claim a dedicated percentage of GDP. He says there is no way the defense spending levels required in the 80s, when there was a true threat from the Soviet Union, can be justified because of […]

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What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?

This past Monday on FoxNews.com’s Strategy Room, Harris Faulkner asked me why we don’t use our exemplary military to take over the oil spill clean-up from BP in the Gulf. That was an easy one – because the military is a fine-tuned machine intended for the sole purpose of destroying our enemies. But her question […]

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Was there “Wishful Dread” With the Times Sq. Terrorist?

NR’s Jonah Goldberg admits that he was hoping the Times Square terrorist wasn’t some white-militia-nutjob. But he thinks the Left was hoping it was. Jonah thinks the Left is looking to play down the threat of Islamic terrorism and feed the narrative that opposition to Obama is encouraging domestic violence.

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