No Outrage in South Korea?

If a US warship was intentionally sunk by some nation – any nation – killing 46 US sailors, the national outrage and beating of the “war drums” would be loud and unmistakable. But that is not what has happened in South Korea, where a North Korean sub fired the torpedo that sunk the Cheonan. Instead, […]

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Is Rand Paul Too Thoughtful?

This one gets me all worked up. Today Dan Foster and I discussed Rand Paul’s questions about using the power of the federal government to end private discrimination through the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The criticism from the Right has been that Paul was too honest and too uncompromising in addressing the issue. The criticism […]

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Will the Arizona Law Lead to Racial Profiling?

I debate Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies on whether the Arizona illegal immigration law will lead to racial profiling, whether it is okay if it does, and whether the law will be effective in stemming illegal immigration. Highlights: 0:00 – Will the Arizona law lead to racial profiling? 1:00 – Race won’t […]

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Is Racial Profiling Ever Appropriate?

The Nation’s Dave Zirin says that the Arizona illegal immigration law will lead to racial profiling. And, he says, racial profiling is never appropriate. I debate him on that point. Should we not – at airport security – consider that the vast majority of terrorists are 20-something year-old men of Middle Eastern descent, and screen […]

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Is the Tanning Bed Tax Discriminatory?

National Review’s Kevin Williamson and I discuss whether Obamacare’s tax on tanning salons is discriminatory toward…white people?… women?

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