What National Review, Gerecht, Douthat and Phillip Seymour Hoffman Taught Me About Egypt

PICK THE CRAZIES OR THE BASTARDS The choice in Egypt – and more broadly the Middle East – has traditionally been presented as: the autocrats versus the theocrats. We could either back the bastards (Mubarak, the Shah of Iran) or suffer the crazies (Ahmadinejad, The Taliban). But it’s obvious now that this was a false […]

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The Future of the Turkey-US Alliance

Turkey begins debate today on whether it will allow a US-led NATO plan to build a missile-defense shield against rogue states. From the Wall Street Journal (10/22): For most NATO members, the shield is an insurance policy against a potential missile threat from Iran… For Turkey, however, … the plan risks forcing Ankara to choose […]

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The Mosque Debate in 6 Seconds

A perfect summation. Walter = mosque builders. The Dude = America


Should the Left be Condemned for their Islamist Alliance?

This is Part 2 of my debate with Andy McCarthy, author of The Grand Jihad, on the Islamist-Left alliance. In this interview I ask Andy — even if we grant that there is an alliance between Islamists and the Left — can we condemn the Left for this alliance? I ask: if there are two […]

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Is there an Islamist-Left Alliance?

Andy McCarthy says the Left – the hard Left, the Obama Left (his words) – and Islamists have an alliance to take down a common enemy: the freedom culture. He says that both the Left and Islamists want to see an authoritarian state and gives specific examples of how these two groups have partnered. I […]

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Is Islam the Problem?

Andy McCarthy and I discuss whether the challenge that confronts the West is Islam itself. 1:20 – Is Islam an inherently violent religion? 1:45 – How can you explain the hundreds of millions of peace-loving Muslims? 2:35 – Andy explains the difference between Muslims, Islamists, and jihadists. 4:15 – What is Sharia, and why is […]

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What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?

This past Monday on’s Strategy Room, Harris Faulkner asked me why we don’t use our exemplary military to take over the oil spill clean-up from BP in the Gulf. That was an easy one – because the military is a fine-tuned machine intended for the sole purpose of destroying our enemies. But her question […]

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Was there “Wishful Dread” With the Times Sq. Terrorist?

NR’s Jonah Goldberg admits that he was hoping the Times Square terrorist wasn’t some white-militia-nutjob. But he thinks the Left was hoping it was. Jonah thinks the Left is looking to play down the threat of Islamic terrorism and feed the narrative that opposition to Obama is encouraging domestic violence.

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South Park Censored

Denver Post columnist, David Harsanyi, says Comedy Central was cowardly to censor South Park’s depictions of Muhammad. But he’s not sure he will participate in “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day.” Of interesting, and maybe insignificant, note: The car bomb found in Times Square was parked outside of Viacom headquarters. Viacom owns Comedy Central. (sorry for the […]

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