The Future of the Turkey-US Alliance

Turkey begins debate today on whether it will allow a US-led NATO plan to build a missile-defense shield against rogue states. From the Wall Street Journal (10/22): For most NATO members, the shield is an insurance policy against a potential missile threat from Iran… For Turkey, however, … the plan risks forcing Ankara to choose […]

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Sanctions? Strikes? How to Deal with Iran?

AEI’s Michael Rubin says military strikes against Iran would be a setback in reaching our goals. And our goal, he says, should be bigger than stopping nuclear growth – it should be to change the regime.


What’s Wrong With Iran Having Nukes? What is the Threat?

Why is a nuclear-armed Iran such a threat to the US.? American Enterprise Institute’s Iran expert, Michael Rubin, says there are two main reasons: 1.) A nuclear Iran could set off a Middle Eastern arms race with countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others creating nuclear weapons programs. Thus intensifying instability and danger across the […]