Only “Liars and Scoundrels” Send Troops to the Border

If…a big if…you can see past my “beard”. (Honestly, it look more like a 14-year-old boys who forgot to shave, doesn’t it?) Then you will learn that Mark Krikorian thinks that only scoundrels and liars send the National Guard to shore up the Mexican border. He says it has been done time and again around […]

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ICE Won’t Enforce AZ Law?

The chief cop at ICE apparently doesn’t like the Arizona illegal immigration law. And despite the fact that I don’t think the law is good either, I don’t think you get to pick and choose which laws you enforce.

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The Border Fence

Sometime ago Mark Krikorian and I debated the merits of the Arizona illegal immigration law. I said that ultimately I think the law is no bueno because I believe it will result in some level of racial profiling and harassment of legal US Latino citizens. That statement alone though, wouldn’t be reason enough to oppose […]

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Will the Arizona Law Lead to Racial Profiling?

I debate Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies on whether the Arizona illegal immigration law will lead to racial profiling, whether it is okay if it does, and whether the law will be effective in stemming illegal immigration. Highlights: 0:00 – Will the Arizona law lead to racial profiling? 1:00 – Race won’t […]

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Is Racial Profiling Ever Appropriate?

The Nation’s Dave Zirin says that the Arizona illegal immigration law will lead to racial profiling. And, he says, racial profiling is never appropriate. I debate him on that point. Should we not – at airport security – consider that the vast majority of terrorists are 20-something year-old men of Middle Eastern descent, and screen […]

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Racial Profiling…No Big Deal (Audio Podcast)

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NR’s Kevin Williamson doubts that the Arizona Illegal Immigration law (SB 1070) will lead to any increase in harassment of legal Latino US citizens. But he says even if it does…and even if it leads to some racial profiling…big deal. Kevin thinks it the price we should pay to enforce the law. I disagree, and […]

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Birthright Citizenship for the Kids of Illegal Immigrants?

Why would someone risk their life and life savings to sneak atop a northbound train, trek across the desert, put their life in the hands of drug cartels, swim across a river, and arrive in a place where they must now live a life of secrets as to their legal immigration status? The promise of: […]

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