Kevin Williamson

Social Security is Now Broke!?

That’s a fact…says National Review’s Kevin Williamson.

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Defund Obamacare

National Review’s Kevin Williamson disagrees with Charles Krauthammer (audible gasp!) and says Republicans should pursue defunding Obamacare.

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Racial Profiling…No Big Deal (Audio Podcast)

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NR’s Kevin Williamson doubts that the Arizona Illegal Immigration law (SB 1070) will lead to any increase in harassment of legal Latino US citizens. But he says even if it does…and even if it leads to some racial profiling…big deal. Kevin thinks it the price we should pay to enforce the law. I disagree, and […]

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Will Obamacare Be Repealed?

NR’s Kevin Williamson has his doubts. First – Kevin doubts Republican commitment to repeal. And Senators Cornyn, Corker and others have already waivered. Second – Kevin thinks there is a time limit on any repeal effort; 2012 – before the benefits are paid out. The Tea Partiers have work to do.

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Is the Tanning Bed Tax Discriminatory?

National Review’s Kevin Williamson and I discuss whether Obamacare’s tax on tanning salons is discriminatory toward…white people?… women?

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