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A Pre-Post-Mortem: Why are Voters Turning on Democrats?

Jonah Goldberg offers a pre-post-mortem on how it is, two short years after the voters gave them complete control of the elected government, the Democrats are poised to lose the House. I ask Jonah to give me the main reason voters have turned on Democrats. Possibilities: 1. Voters like progressive ideas in the abstract but […]

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Was there “Wishful Dread” With the Times Sq. Terrorist?

NR’s Jonah Goldberg admits that he was hoping the Times Square terrorist wasn’t some white-militia-nutjob. But he thinks the Left was hoping it was. Jonah thinks the Left is looking to play down the threat of Islamic terrorism and feed the narrative that opposition to Obama is encouraging domestic violence.

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What Kind of Socialist is Obama?

Jonah Goldberg sat down with me (and my Judge Smails coat) for an interview recently. He told me that Barack Obama is . . . yes . . . a socialist. But Jonah says socialism isn’t just a dirty word; it isn’t necessarily Marxism; it isn’t simply property seizers, Nazis, and Pol Pot. Rather, there […]

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