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Why are Young People Liberal – Viewer Response

Interesting take from a viewer of the John Derbyshire “Why Are Young People Liberal” video.

Hi Will,

Just got done watching your discussion w/ Derbyshire on NRO. This is how I see things:

Taking at face value that primitive societies are very egalitarian, I think it’s important to make a distinction between the size of the society and it’s impact on human behavior. My presumption is that in primitive societies, the size is relatively small. The clan, village, etc. is indeed small enough where essentially everybody knows everybody else’s business. How does this effect human behavior?

If I had to guess, smaller sizes make it more likely that people would pull their own weight. Firstly, out of a sense of obligation to one’s neighbor in a proactive sense (less of a ‘diffusion of responsibility’) and secondly, out of a desire to avoid social stigma of being a “free rider” and potentially being shuned by the village if the free-riding happens too frequently.

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