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Lessons from the debt ceiling debate: Obama is not Phil Ivey, GOP took a small pot, and other tortured poker metaphors

From my column on Last week I began to write a column asking: who is Phil Ivey? It was a 1,500 word, Bill-Simmons-wannabe, tortured and ultimately failed metaphor comparing the debt ceiling debate to a famous hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. In the hand, Phil Ivey (the best poker player in the world) and […]

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Paul Krugman is Right. A Downgrade Doesn’t Matter

From my column on Trust me, I understand. This is no way to introduce yourself to The Blaze audience, but … I have to do it…because it’s true. Paul Krugman is right. That is not a sentence I make a habit of repeating. But when Krugman says it doesn’t matter whether the ratings agencies […]

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The Number That is Killing the Economy

From my column. I’m posting the entire thing here because the chart was lost in the archiving. New York (CNN) — This is the only number that matters: 350. When you’re talking about the economy, start the conversation and end the conversation with the number 350. That number reflects the total debt Americans and […]

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Social Security is Now Broke!?

That’s a fact…says National Review’s Kevin Williamson.

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Is the Tea Party Libertarian?

Ron Paul wins a CPAC straw poll for president. Tea Party backed senatorial candidates Rand Paul, Joe Miller, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson espouse libertarian ideals. And Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is on the best seller list again.

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Don’t Accuse Me of Intellectual Dishonesty @#$$%!

A caller on Alan Colmes radio show accuses me of being intellectually dishonest because I criticize Obama for managing the federal budget the way MC Hammer managed his personal finances. The caller thinks that because Bush was no bargain shopper, conservatives have no right to complain. The caller doesn’t understand what intellectual honesty or consistency […]

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The Florida Choice: Entitlement Cuts or be Greece?

The Florida senatorial election should be a good primer for the direction of the country. Rubio vs. Crist vs. Meeks will indicate whether we want to go down the path of Greece and California or responsibility. And if you think Greece is an absurd and impossible future for the US, look no further than California […]

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Running Diary from Paul-Grayson Debate

I do not make a habit of watching CSPAN on Monday nights – or any nights for that matter. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done it. But NR’s Bob Costa asked to do an interview on the Kentucky senate debate, so I watched last night. And…it was first rate, solid gold entertainment. Hollywood […]

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Why are Young People Liberal?

Young people are surely getting the financial shaft in this country. In addition to funding the retirement plans (Social Security) and late-life medical care (Medicare) of old people, the young and healthy will now pay for the old and sick thanks to Obamacare. So I asked John Derbyshire why young people stay true to a […]

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J&J a Safer Bet than USA?

Interesting points from Kevin Williamson: – The yields on J&J, Proctor and Gamble, and Berkshire Hathaway bonds are less than the yield on US sovereign debt – Moody’s and S&P have considered downgrading US bonds from AAA to AA – The cost to insure CA bonds against default is the same as the cost to […]

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