Lessons from the debt ceiling debate: Obama is not Phil Ivey, GOP took a small pot, and other tortured poker metaphors

From my column on TheBlaze.com

Last week I began to write a column asking: who is Phil Ivey? It was a 1,500 word, Bill-Simmons-wannabe, tortured and ultimately failed metaphor comparing the debt ceiling debate to a famous hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. In the hand, Phil Ivey (the best poker player in the world) and Paul “Action” Jackson have terrible hands, but embark on an amazing back-and-forth of bluff-bet-bluff-raise. Check it out:

The similarities to the debt ceiling negotiations are…cute. Neither Republicans or Democrats control government and therefore can’t control the hand…or…ram through their agenda. And they both knew they had to raise the debt ceiling. So, just like in the card game, they were both bluffing.

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