The Gang of Six…In 15 Minutes…In Ali Velshi’s Greenroom

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It took U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn six months to realize the Gang of Six was dead on arrival. It took me 15 minutes.

The Gang of Six was a group of senators — three Democrats and three Republicans — who seemingly understood the nation’s debt problem required a solution beyond Republicans yelling, “No more tax revenue!” and Democrats scoffing, “Don’t you dare touch Medicare.”

It was our best hope for a solution. And, for me, it was legitimized by the presence of Coburn, an unwavering conservative from Oklahoma. But Coburn dropped out of the Gang in late April, citing Democratic resistance to reforming entitlements. I’m surprised only that it took him so long.

A few weeks ago, on and off the set of CNN’s “Your Money” with Ali Velshi, former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and I unwittingly recreated the Gang of Six negotiations. And my experience seemingly ended the exact same way as Coburn’s.

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