Weiner Is A Sexual Deviant…But You Probably Are Too

My CNN.com column.

*****Excerpt 1******

In the last two days we learned again what we learned two weeks ago – and before that two months ago – and before that a little over two years ago. We’ll learn it again in another two months. People are sexual deviants. Damn near all people.

*****Excerpt 2*****

Because here’s the difference between these guys and your average cross-section of “normal” American men: When these guys get caught, you hear about it. Let me be clear, this isn’t to excuse Weiner or any of these men, I’m just saying don’t be so surprised, don’t be so naive, and tread a little carefully with your moralizing.

You cannot imagine what the guy in the cubicle next to you is imagining.

*****Excerpt 3*****

Sidenote: I have the hardest time understanding Weiner. I mean, I think most guys — even those committed to a faithful relationship with their wives — can understand, without excusing, the fidelity issues of some of the men listed. But sending out pictures of your excited pants to women you’ve never met? I know Weiner’s not the only one to do this; I just don’t get it.

Sidenote 2: I heard some of my favorite radio guys on KTCK The Ticket in Dallas who I heard asking why so many dudes adopt the “Jersey-Shore look” (‘roided up, tight T-shirt, jeans with designs on the pocket, chain, etc. etc.). One of the hosts noted that these clowns are almost always with hot girls. Their conclusion: it must work. That’s why guys dress that way; it works. I have to come to a similar conclusion on Weiner: it must have worked.

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