The Right Should Denounce Trump and Palin

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The other night, having a few beers with a conservative friend, I mentioned how hacked off I was that there hadn’t been a wholesale denouncement of the likes of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin from conservative politicians and opinion-makers.

To be sure, many, many, many, many have denounced both — but I think a chorus as simple and clear as a Cee-Lo Green song is deserved. It should be unanimous and unmistakable. (The past 48 hours should make it pretty easy to dump on Trump.) My buddy, though, responded with an (almost) perfect analogy. He said:

It’s kind of like having a friend who’s engaged to a total b!@$h. Everyone knows she’s awful — everyone except your friend. Do you:

a.) Tell him she’s no good. In which case he will almost certainly kill the messenger. Pride will force him to dig in, he’ll cuss, you’ll cuss, you’ll trade “you’ve changed” insults, and the friendship will be ruined. Or…

b.) Say nothing. In which case he’ll maybe marry her, pay off her credit card debt, have a couple of kids, turn his drinking from fun to sad, and emerge seven years later divorced and a shell of his former self.

You’re in a no-win situation. It seems that either way you lose the friend. So you just sit and wait and hope he comes to his senses before it’s too late. Many conservatives find themselves trapped in that analogy, being afraid to tell their ideological soulmates what’s wrong with Palin and Trump.

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