Will Cain is a media entrepreneur, small business owner and host of “Off the Page” on National Review.com. He is also a frequent contributor to Fox News.

Off the Page
Cain created “Off the Page” with National Review in 2009. He produces and hosts the video interview series that has featured over 150 interviews. Guests have included public figures such as: Senator Jon Kyl and Ambassador Jon Bolton, and writers from National Review, The Nation, and The New Republic such as: Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Jon Chait and Chris Hayes.

TV Appearances
Cain is a frequent guest on Fox News programs such as Hannity, Fox and Friends, Red Eye, Alan Colmes Show, FoxNews.com’s Strategy Room and more.

Cain also produces the internet interview program Cain and Table, which focuses on topics outside of politics, such as: pop-culture, sports, movies, and controversial cultural issues. He also writes a column that sometimes fuses all those topics together with politics. His columns and his interviews are intended to reflect the way real people talk about politics, culture, and more.

Quince Media
Cain started Quince Media with outside investors. Quince Media was a Hispanic print, digital and event company. Quince Media published Quince Girl magazine, QuinceGirl.com, and eight Quince Girl and Latino Bridal Expos across the nation. Quince Girl helped young Hispanic girls and their families plan their quinceanera (15th birthday) – an important tradition practiced by almost all Latino ethnicities and a tradition that survives acculturation.

Quince Girl was featured in Newsweek, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, The Today Show and Univision. For launching Quince Girl, Will Cain was named one of Folio Magazines’s 40 Most Influential People in the Magazine Industry.

Cain Communications
Cain acquired and grew a community newspaper group in Texas. Publishing newspapers and websites in four communities outside of Dallas, Texas in three years can tripled readership and quadrupled revenue. He eventually sold the newspaper group to Stephens Media, the publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal. For creating the newspaper group Cain was named one of the “20 Under 40” by the Texas Press Association in 2005.